NCC today supports two mothers, Maureen Nambi and Fausta Sanyu, and their children, Tracy, Travis, Samuel, Isaac, Joan and Molly. Below you will find some family pictures. Under 'our children' you will find some photos of Maureen and Fausta's children.

Maureen Nambi is 24 years old. Her ex-partner neglected his responsibilities as a father and a husband. He left Maureen in a rented house, for which she has to pay a monthly rent of 50.000 Ush (Ugandan Shillings, 1 € = 3800 Ush, 2011). Maureen now has to take care of the welfare of her children as a single mother. She works at a small stall that sells charcoal and some other thing, such as tomatoes and irish potatoes. From her salary, which amounts to about 3000 Ush per day, she has to pay everything; her children's schoolfees, the rent for her house, healthcare for the whole family etc. But the 3000 Ush Maureen earns on a day (if she can work at all) is barely sufficient to provide food and water for her family.

Fausta Sanyu is 30 years old. Her husband died two years ago. Fausta now has to take care of her four children. She works at a small stall that sells tomatoes, unions, matoke, bananas and other foods. Fausta also rents a house for 50.000 Ush per month. Having the same responsibilities as Maureen, Fausta earns around 5000 Ush per day. Having one more mouth to feed, Fausta is also barely able to satisfy basic daily needs, let alone education, house rent and health care.