Our strategy to support the orphans and vulnerable children of Nansana is founded on the idea to start income-generating activities, so as to limit our dependence on donors abroad. All around us we see orphanages and children centres that depend too much on donors abroad, often resulting in a crisis when their donors are unable or unwilling to continue their support, in the process harming the children.

Right now we have a Nursery school called Blessed Hill Nursery School which offers free formal Education to our children at the moment and we are planning to scale up to aprimary school in future. Next we plan to start chapatti business which will also sell other foods, amongst which kikomando and rolex (two other national snacks). This business will have a place where people can sit and enjoy the kikomando and rolex, and it will be design in a manner that shows people that if you eat there you will support the children in their community. It will be an invitation to people to donate our organization or to volunteer with us in any possible way, e.g. by working in the chapatti business or by helping the children directly in any way.

If all go well with the school we have a plan to have other children from the community which can pay school fees to cater for the teachers, and other administrative issues. At the moment we are using the money collected from the board members and friends.

Also, we have donation boxes in places where people gather,2 at super markets and 1 at Hotel.

One of our future plans of making money includes the starting up of a farm where we can plant food,vegatables,and keeping Animals but we are still looking for some people who can help us to buy a land where all this can be done becouse on this land, this is where we plan to build our permanent schools for our children.