The NCC committee consists of the following members:

Executive Director : Katongole Issa Kats

General Secretary : Jjemba David

Treasurer : Waidhulo Davis

Field Officer : Namanda Precious

Ambassador Holland : Annelies Kok

Ambassador Uganda : Lode Kulik

IT Officer : Namyalo Edith

Legal officer : Luwagga Allan

Director of NCC, Katongole Issa Kats, grew up with a single mother; in a family of six children he saw the hard moments his mother had raising her children. He faced a lot of challenges during his Educations, such as lack of scholastic materials, school fees, health care and other basic needs. Due to that situation he developed the heart of helping people who are in similar situations. From that moment he was passionate about OVCs (orphans and vulnerable children) and Single mothers. In 2011 he shared his dream with other community members, together they established NCC. .

Jjemba David has a diploma in counseling and guidance. He has worked with NGOs en CBOs, amongst others DSW Uganda and Young Empowered And Healthy (YEAH). In the latter he is a member of a project called puppet theatre, which aims at educating young people using puppets. Jjemba David also works for Health for Youths with Parents Involved (HEY-PI) as a training manager and for C&J Medical Center Nansana as a counselor in HIV/AIDS. He acts as general secretary for NCC.

Waidhula Davis has a diploma in counseling and social work. He has worked with children's centre Masaka, Uganda. Also, Waidhula Davis has been a counselor for HEY-PI. He acts as treasurer for NCC.

Namanda Precious she is a student doing her final year in high school
Namyalo Edith I.T Officer, Currently she is working with a certain secretarial bureau where they do typing, printing photocopy log design.

Annelies Kok (HEY-PI) and Lode Kulik (Uganda Pioneers Association, UPA / Pioneer Youth Centre, PYC) have both been working in Uganda. Annelies acts as an ambassador in the Netherlands, Lode acts as an ambassador in Uganda.Become a member today online

Luwagga Allan. legal officer, he is doing a Bachelor’s Degree in law at the Uganda Christian University Mukono