Welcome to Our Land Campaign. Help us secure a land $10,000 Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Thank you for liking us and viewing our site. By the Grace of God, we have managed to move on helping orphans and vulnerable children since 2011. For all these years we have been renting the place where our offices is located and our orphanage school, this year, the owner of the buildings wants to sell them off, and the opportunity was given to us first to raise $10,000 worth the place and buildings within the period of 4 months. The place has 4 constructed rooms and some free space for expansion. We can’t do this a lone, So We are believing God for you our friends to Donate $1, $20, $30,$50 and any amount can make a difference .. "Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the poor and wanderer” (Isaiah 58:7-8) Help us secure a land. www.ncc.atspace.co.uk For Offline DONATIONS, We kindly ask you to find the nearest WESTERN UNION Outlet near you and tell them that you are sending Support to: Katongole Issa in Kampala Uganda (+256 785652909) They will give you a secrete Number, Test Question and Answer that you will send to us to be able to receive it. You can help make a difference with every DONATION. You can as well help us through sponsoring one of our child, or help us to foot Administrative Bills. Thank you!! :